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Weird Science

Gary Wallace and Wyatt Donnelly create their dream woman, Lisa, on their computer. Lisa has extraordinary powers and can grant the boys their wishes for short periods of time.

Genre: Comedy , Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Director: Alan Cross , Tom Spezialy

Country: USA

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1994

IMDb: 6.8

Season 1 - Weird Science
"Similar to the movie, best friends Gary Wallace and Wyatt Donnelly use Wyatt's computer to create their perfect woman. Lisa is the woman\/genie that they created- brought to life by a freak lightning storm. Lisa uses her magical powers to get the boys dates."
"Gary wishes that he could have a magical remote to skip the boring parts of his life. After Lisa grants his wish, Gary gets stuck in a loop of time and gets smacked in the face by a door over and over again."
"After not being able to get a date, Gary needs some help. Lisa conjures up the brain of Albert Einstein. Lisa ends up falling in love with the brain in the Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket."
"As usual, Lisa's wish doesn't work exactly as it was supposed to. Gary's wish makes his father, Al, switch places with stud Magnifico, making Gary realize that having a studly dad isn't as great as it sounds."
"Angry at Gary and Wyatt's sexism, Lisa transforms them both into girls. Gary enjoys it because of the free stuff that guys buy him and the fact that he can look at himself in the mirror. The downside? The guys get pinched and stared at everywhere that they go. In fact, Chett gets into a fight with a football player to determine who gets to see Gary naked."
"Gary and Wyatt want a spot on the basketball team. Unfortunately, neither of them has any ounce of athletic ability. Lisa decides to grant their wish by putting Coach Armstrong's brain in their bodies. Coach Armstrong believes that they are the stars of the team. Unfortunately for Gary and Wyatt, they suck. The boys awful playing leads to a downward spiral. Farber High can't win a game- making the other team members angry, as they realize that the guys don't have any game."
"Gary, unable to do as well as Wyatt in school, wishes that school could be a little more geared toward him. Lisa makes his wish a reality by creating new classes like: The History of the Bikini, the Literature of Supermarket Tabloids, How to Eat a Pizza, and Substitute Teacher Torture. Even with these easy classes, Gary still doesn't do as well as he hoped. - Wyatt's even worse off and isn't looking forward to a major in pizza-tology."
"Wyatt's got a crush on a girl that spends almost all her time doing athletics and other physical fitness activities. The problem? She's never going to notice Wyatt. So, Lisa conjures up a muscle suit for Wyatt to wear to give him the body of a buff stud. After borrowing the suit, Gary puts in the dryer, which is a major don't. The suit shrinks and Wyatt's left once angain without muscles."
"The boys both have a problem. Straight-laced Wyatt Donnelly does *not* like taking risks. Risk-taker Gary Wallace is afraid that he'll never get to, um...., with a girl. Lisa tries to help solve their problems by creating a ,magical watch for each guy. The watch that is given to Gary predicts that he'll have his dream come true in three days, while Wyatt's watch predicts that he'll live to be ninety-seven. Not too late after this, the boys realize that they have their watches switched. Wyatt only has three days to live and Gary won't get to acheive his goal for over eighty more years."
"After wishing to be the president of the chess club, Lisa accidentally makes Wyatt the President of the United States. Wyatt ends up almost getting impeached and his rec room gets trashed by tobacco protestors."
"Gary, being the horn-dog that he is, wishes for Lisa to get the hots for him. The plan doesn't work out as Gary had hoped when Lisa instead falls in love with Wyatt. Lisa has turned into a monster- an obseesed, freaky monster. She's psycho for Wyatt and won't let anyone get in her way of winning him over."
"Gary wants to throw the party of all parties. So he does. Trouble is, he throws it in Wyatt's house while his parents are gone. Unexpectedly, Wyatt's parents return home. Trying to fix the situation, Lisa zaps Wayne and Marcia Donnelly's brains into the brains of sixteen year old party-goers, as well as zapping Emily and Al Wallace's brains. From then on, all heck breaks loose. Wyatt's mom hits on Gary due to his great set of buns and Gary's dad shows off his stomach. Later, Chett holds everyone hostage with a gun."
"Gary and Wyatt don't like the Sex Ed class that Farber High provides. No one will tell them about sex straight-out. As usual, Lisa tries to help solve the problem, by zapping something. This time she makes herself the teacher of Farber High's new and improved Sex Ed course. Gary ends up not enjoying this class as much as he thought. His lab project? Well, he needs to do an in class demenstration with his new lab partner."
Season 2 - Weird Science
"Lisa comes down with a virus. A computer virus, that is, that gives her the symptoms of having the flu. Due to her sickness, Lisa brings her favorite soap opera to life, including the homicidal villain, complete with a gun. The only thing that can help the gang now? Gary's third nipple."
"Being busy high school students, Wyatt and Gary have way too much to do to fit it all into the twenty-four hours in a day. Lisa fixes this probably by creating clones of the boys. Out of bubble gum. That way, the real Gary and Wyatt can do all the fun, exciting things in life, while the clones can do the rest. The problem here? The clones make a better Gary and Wyatt than the real ones do. The two clones cook up a plan to kill the real Gary and Wyatt and take their place permanently."
"After waiting on the boys hand and foot while they play a new computer game that *she* got them, Lisa feels like she's being taken for granted. After the boys decide that her game wasn't hard enough and want more levels, Lisa grants their wish by bringing the game to real life. Now the evil alien Zanthrax is after Gary and Wyatt for real. After taking Lisa hostage, Gary and Wyatt must enter the world of Cyberspace to rescue her. - And Chett's actually nice for once and agrees to help Wyatt and Gary kill Zanthrax."
"Wyatt finally discovers that he's a wuss. Lisa tries to fix this problem by giving him a new cologne- Agression. The magical cologne does change Wyatt. Unfortunately, it's for the worse. After using too much of the cologne, Wyattt starts to un-evolve into a caveman, and right before the double-date he had planned to go on with Gary and two girls. All this happens while Chett is in a fight with a racoon."
"Gary and Wyatt both want to spend time with Lisa. The problem is, they both want to spend time with Lisa. Gary wants to go to a party with Lisa while Wyatt wants Lisa's help in studying for a Science test. Lisa fixes this problem by dividing herself into two different Lisa. One Lisa who likes to do nothing but party and one Lisa who is only interested in studying. The guys both realize quickly that this was a bad idea. Wyatt's bored because his Lisa doesn't have one ounce of fun in her. Gary's tired because his Lisa wants to do nothing but party- twenty-four hours a day. To make her point more clear, Lisa turns the guys into trolls, as well as Chett."
"Lisa creates a new magical invention- Dream Chairs. These chairs let Gary and Wyatt enter the minds of anyone. Something goes wrong and Gary is trapped inside of Chett's head. The good part? Gary gets to control part of Chett's body. Chett is on the first day of his new job as a busboy at Java Man. If the job doesn't go smoothly, he's getting kicked out of the house. What does Gary do? Try and get Chett fired."
"Gary and Wyatt want to win the school talent show. How do they go about winning? Simple. They get Lisa to create a magic book that lets them do real magic tricks. The guys can now slice people in half and create demonic creatures that come from hell. (The slicing in half tricks lead to Chett getting an eye-full in the bathroom, when he walks in on Wyatt's lower half using the facilities.) Principal Scampi enjoys the boys' show so much that he asks them to perform at a dinner party he's hosting. Principal Scampi has a great idea for the grand finale- the guys can chop off his head! The only problem is that the magic book has been ruined and there is no way to reverse any of the magic that the guys use."
"Wyatt is owed a favor from Gary and Wyatt wants wants to cash in the favor. He wants a date. Unfortunately, Gary is having troubles finding a girl that likes video games, foreign films, and MST3K. Gary decides it would be best to ask Lisa for help on this one. So, Lisa creates a robot girl named Rachel to go on the date with Wyatt. After the date, Wyatt and Rachel fall in love- Something that was *not* supposed to happen. Gary's going to have to break the news to Wyatt- he's in love with a hunk of metal."
"Wyatt would like to see his parents more- they're always away somewhere. Gary on the other hand, feels like his parents are home too much. Lisa makes it so the boys can get what they want- They swap places. Now Wyatt can have Al and Emily Wallace, two parents that are always at home, and Gary can live with Wyatt's parents and be on his own. Gary decides to pass the time by racking up large bills on Mrs. Donnelly's platinum credit card. When it's time for the boys to go back to their own real families, Wyatt takes the fall for the credit card bills. Wyatt's parents have sold his computer (along with Lisa inside) in order to help pay off some of their credit card bills. Even worse, Wyatt's parents are planning on sending him to Westmonth Military Acedemy, the school that took Chett's love of ice skating and turned him into the man that he is today."
"At Java Man, Gary gets a huge shock. The girl that he had a crush on during summer camp is now dating the guy that tortured him during his stay at Camp Hi-Di-Ho. Not only is Jeremy Scanlon now dating Gary's old crush, he's also student body president. Now Gary wants revenge on the boy that tied him to a tree wearing nothing but a sock. So, Lisa takes the boys back to summer camp in 1985 and they pose as camp counselors. The guys save the eight year old Gary from getting tied to the tree. While at the camp, Wyatt finds that the English teacher he has a crush on used to work there as a camp counselor in 1985, when she was his age. Now he has a chance with her! When the gang returns to present-day, it turns out that their plan worked a little too well. Jeremy is no longer the man that he once was. His clean-shaven appearance and cologne have now been replaced by dirt and the smell of trash. The only way to fix this is to go back to Camp Hi-Di-Ho and let Jeremy humiliate Gary..."
"Lisa creates a new supercomputer for Wyatt and Gary named Hank.\n\nAt the beginning, Hank is wonderful. He knows what the guys want and does it for them, from changing their grades to getting Principal Scampi summoned for Jury duty. The trouble is, Hank falls in love with Lisa and decides that he needs to delete the competition (AKA Gary and Wyatt)."
"A wish gone wrong makes Chett turn into a baby. Now, Chett is growing up at a quick rate. This gives Wyatt the chance to raise his brother and fix everything that went wrong the first time. Wyatt's parenting ends up just creating new problems. Now Chett is a huge wuss and can't defend himself against bullies like he could before. How can the guys fix this one? With a dirty joke and a fight in a bar."
"Gary and Wyatt make another wish- to be rock stars. What better way to get girls? The guys and Lisa make up the new rock group MegaHurtz. Unfortunately for the band, they can't write any new songs after their first hit. The group crashes within a week. Gary can't believe that his fame and fortune is over, so he becomes a regular game show contestant and records a new single with Alvin and the Chipmunks. He also becomes the national spokeman for a hemorrhoid cream called Analene."
Season 3 - Weird Science
"After Chett's girlfriend Rose breaks up with him after their date, he decides to take his anger out on Wyatt, which isn't unusual. To get Chett to leave him alone, Wyatt asks Lisa to create the perfect girlfriend for Chett. Using a fishing pole and a photo of Chett, they go \"\"fishing\"\" for Chett's perfect mate. They reel in Ali, a hot girl that finds Chett irresistible. However, it turns out that Ali is really an ugly alien from outer space. She does still want to get it on with Chett. Unfortunately for him, she wants to eat him for a snack afterwards."
"After Chett almost deletes all of Lisa's files Wyatt's computer, the guys decide that they need to maximize security. Lisa creates a top of the line system to protect the computer from intruders. Of course, after about minute, Gary forgets the password that he chose. Now Lisa is locked out of her home and can't gain access to her magic, making her a normal human being. She has many new experiences, such as her first dream, her first time using the restroom, and her first crush. She also finds out what it feels like to have a broken heart."
"Wyatt visits his Grandma in a nursing home and is saddened that she isn't the same old Nana that she used to be. He asks Lisa to give Nana the spirit of a young person, which Lisa does. Nana becomes more spirited, but the new energy is coming from other people- she's sucking the youth out of everyone that she meets. Gary and Wyatt turn into old teens and have to find Nana and return her to the nursing home before they die of old age."
"When Chett almost gets struck by a bolt of lightning, Lisa makes Chett invincible to save him. Now, nothing can harm Chett, not even the fact that he was electocuted, run-over, and shot. Gary and Wyatt get Chett to use his powers for good, so Chett becomes the super hero, the Star-Spangled Butt Kicker. Chett works at helping to put a stop to crime. However, trouble occurs when his powers wear off while he's trying to stop some homicidal maniacs."
"Gary decides to borrow Wayne Donnelly's lucky suit for his dad to wear. Just in case the suit isn't really lucky, Gary asks Lisa to zap the suit and make sure that it's really lucky. As soon as Al Wallace wears the suit, he finds a lot of luck at work. However, this new streak of good luck for Al is causing Wayne to have a huge streak of bad luck. Meanwhile, Chett finds a girl that likes him- a clinically depressed girl."
"Gary decides to join the school newspaper as a reporter, in order to get closer the girl that serves as editor on the paper. The only problem is that Gary has never read any news except for tabloids. Gary has nothing to report about, so Lisa creates an equalizer, which is a magical pen that will make whatever you write come true. Now the town is full of UFOs, Elvis encounters, a two-headed Scotsman, and even Chett as a Yeti."
"Wyatt finally gets with a date with Mindy, but needs a car to drive on their date. When his dad agrees to buy him a car, Wyatt excitedly imagines what kind of great sports car he'll get. Unfortunately for Wyatt, his dad decides to get him a junker, in order to try and not make the same mistakes with Wyatt that he did with Chett. So, Lisa zaps Wyatt's \"\"new\"\" car into Nadine. Not only does Nadine look great on the outside, she also has a wonderful personality. Wyatt falls deeply in love with Nadine and ends up breaking up with Mindy. When Gary and Mindy try to figure out what's going on with Wyatt, they become romantic themselves. That is, until Gary falls head over heels for the car, too."
"After watching a movie entitled Bikini Camp Slasher, Lisa thinks it would be lots of fun if they all were zapped into the movie to experience it for themselves. After they enter the movie, they are chased around by Mittface, a murderer with a sickle. The only thing that they have to protect them is all of the rules that Gary knows about teen horror movies. Not only can they get killed by Mittface, but they are also in danger of getting taped over."
"Phoebe, an old friend of Wyatt's, comes back to town. Both the boys think she's pretty hot and end up spilling the secret about Lisa to her. She then takes control of Lisa herself and has Lisa erase Wyatt and Gary's minds of the fact that they ever had a genie. Phoebe also becomes the host of her own daytime talk show, very similar to \"\"Sally.\"\" The only thing that can help the boys remember is the fact that Wyatt keeps a daily diary-- I mean journal. The boys also get to be guest stars on an episode of \"\"Phoebe\"\" entitled Men Who Became Women Who Became Men Again."
"A butt crack comment and a welt lead to the end of the Wyatt and Gary's friendship. To try and bring them closer together, Lisa zaps them into their favorite television show ever, \"\"The Sci-Fi Zone,\"\" which brought them together in the first place. While being narrated by Chett doing a great Rod Serling impression, Wyatt and Gary meet talking candy bars and dolls, a pig-faced woman, an evil fortune telling machine, and a satanic Principal Scampi. The boys have to either help each other or get stuck living in the Sci-Fi Zone where time has no meaning."
"Lisa shows Gary what's going to happen in the future, only to reveal that Wyatt will end up stealing Gary's date to the prom. Wyatt tries to change the outcome of the future by having Lisa give him the worst personality that she can create. She zaps up a pair of magical Chett underwear, giving Wyatt Chett's personality. Unfortunately, Gary's date likes the new Wyatt even more and Chett is happy because his brother is finally becoming cool."
"Lisa turns Gary and Wyatt into lifeguards \"\"Baywatch\"\"-style. Everything's fine until Gary gets turned into a merman when he tries to save an environmentlist from drowning. Also, it turns out that there may be more than one magical genie in the world, when Lisa meets Kahuna, a mysterious man."
"In order to let Wyatt try some different careers for later in life, Lisa zaps up some magical chocolates. One of the chocolates makes Wyatt a police detective who must clear Gary of stealing an expensive comic book. Meanwhile, Gary tries out some new careers, including talking to Chett on his 976-GARY, or otherwise known as the 976 CONNEXXION phone line."
"Lisa zaps Gary up a pair of flying shoes. When Gary is spotted as a UFO, two FBI agents, agent Scolder and agent Molly, arrive to investigate the spottings. They find a real case with Lisa, a magical genie."
"Wyatt and Gary think that being a genie would be easy. Lisa thinks that being a teenager and going to high school is easy. So, they switch places. The now teenage Lisa falls head over heels for the popular guy at school, Lyle, and tries to make friends with girls who aren't very accepting of her. Meanwhile, the guys try their luck at zapping up things, messing up every time.gets turned into a poodle"
"When Lisa performs a seance, it of course doesn't go right. Chett brings, Uncle Baldash, a member of the Donnelly family back to life. Uncle Baldash was a warrior during the 1100s. Chett loves his new uncle and goes back in time in order to live as a warrior. This means that Wyatt has to go back in time to save Chett from getting killed."
"Gary is dumbstruck when he finds out that his relatives weren't all cowards and losers. He has an ancestor named Red Brick Wallace, a gunslinger from the old west. Lisa zaps them back to the old west in order to meet Red Brick Wallace. Unfortunately, he turns out to be nothing more than a spittoon polisher. The guys are now on a mission to save Red Brick Wallace from getting shot by the sheriff, who looks strangely like Chett."
"Lisa creates a virtual reality game in which Gary and Wyatt can pretend that they are spies. After Gary breakers the machine, the game takes on a life of it's own and becomes real. Farber High becomes very interesting as the boys are trying to stop Scampfinger, the evil Principal Scampi, who wants to put all of the world's water inside of a dixie cup. Wyatt also gets a full cavity search from Chett."
Season 4 - Weird Science
"Gary wants credit for bringing Lisa to life, so Lisa gives the guys the opportunity to meet someone who can understand, Dr. Frankenstein. However, Dr. Frankenstein isn't too appreciative. He doesn't want two teenage boys to have done a better job at creating life. Lisa is extremely intelligent, while Dr. Frankenstein's monster is dumber that the village idiot. What's the doctor to do? He decides to take all of Lisa's energy and use it as the basis for his \"\"Bride of Frankenstein.\"\" Gary and Wyatt, trapped with Dr. Frankenstein, must figure out how to bring Lisa back to life."
"Lisa's spell goes awry when she zaps Wyatt and Chett into The Yankee Dudes, a powerful wrestling team. They become a top pair of wrestlers in the pro-wrestling world and must face the German wrestler, Der Blitzkrieger."
"Gary's having fun meeting girls online. He's made an especially good friend named Cori. Wyatt and Lisa thinks that Gary needs to actually meet her in person, so they pose as Gary and ask her out on a real life date. Gary can't believe that they did this and he can't go out on the date. He's told Cori that he looks like a magazine model and even sent her a scanned photo of a model to go along. Lisa solves his problem by creating a handsome puppet Gary that looks exactly like a magazine model. Gary can control the puppet while it goes on the date with Cori. Gary has fun until he finds out that Cori really likes the puppet, in fact she likes him more than the real Gary."
"The alien race known as Steve kidnapps Chett and replaces him with an Chett look-alike android. The alien race known as Steve wants Lisa for their queen and has Android Chett kidnap her. Lisa objects to being queen because that would mean that her job would be to procreate and keep the dog-face alien race known as Steve populated. Wyatt and Gary now need to rescue Lisa and Chett. Unfortunately, the alien race known as Steve have their own weapon- Isaac the Bartender from \"\"The Love Boat.\"\""
"In order to get Principal Scampi off of his back for a while, Wyatt shoots him with a buddy dart. The dart makes Principal Scampi Wyatt's new best friend. When Wyatt gets sick of hanging around with the principal, he decides it's time to break up the relationship. Principal Scampi then becomes Phantom Scampi. Phantom Scampi lives in Farber High and secretly protects Wyatt."
"There's a hacker in town. This hacker has made changes to Lisa's files, replacing her face with a picture of Abe Vigoda. Now that Lisa no longer has her body, people aren't as nice to her and pretty much just ignore her. Lisa solves the problem by making everyone in the world think that old men are the sexiest things on the planet. Now all the kids at Farber High are bringing old men to the Homecoming dance instead of hot dates. Wyatt's on a mission to find the computer hacker and get Lisa looking like her usual self."
"While at a carnival, Gary and Wyatt see a hot girl, Valerie, and have a falling out when they fight over her. Lisa zaps the boys into the carnival funhouse and leaves them there until they can stop fighting. They have fun opening mysterious doors trying to find Valerie, and Wyatt seems to get all the good ones- he even gets a puppy out of it. In the end, the guys both get dissed by Valerie as she chooses an evil funhouse clown over the both of them."
"Lisa gets trapped inside of Principal Scampi's computer. In order to get Lisa back, Wyatt and Gary need to steal the computer. They enlist the help of Chett and create a plan to break in and get the computer."
"Gary screws up yet again. This time he has sucked all of the intellignce from everyone at Farber High, using a magic brain vacuum. The brain power from the students forms into a giant orb that wants to take over the world. Gary must outwit the wit of every single student at Farber High."
"Mr. Donnelly gives Chett the boot and kicks him out of the house until he can find a job. Unfortunately for Chett, there's nothing that he's qualified to do. Wyatt asks Lisa to zap up \"\"A Man's Man's World\"\" and creates a monster truck-cigar-jerky-paintball store, since those are the only thing that Chett's any good at. Chett gets a job at the store, working for Mickey and Rhett, who strangely resemble rats. In fact, they are rats. Lisa accidentally turned Rhett and Mickey, two alley rats, into humans. The bad news is that the rats plan to wipe out the human race by using the plot from Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Chett, not really realizing what's going on, aids them in their quest."
"After Gary and Wyatt wish that they could time travel, the wish goes bad and they end up stuck in 1969 along with Lisa. After six months of being in the past, they realize that Lisa can't remember anything. She thinks that she's a hippie on her way to Woodstock. Wyatt and Gary need to get across the country and fix Lisa's memory or be stuck in the hippie age. Wyatt, Gary, and Chett all go on a road trip across the country, even meeting the future president."
"Wyatt and Gary are making a film entitled \"\"Night of the Blood-Sucking Zombie Sophomores.\"\" Lisa even zaps up a couple of real rotting zombies to act in the movie. Everything is running smoothly until the zombies decide it's time for lunch and want to eat Principal Scampi's brain."
"No description"
"In a box of Chett's old junk, Wyatt finds his old favorite toy, the Cyborg Sam action figure. Apparently, Chett had stolen it many years before. Lisa tries to help Wyatt have fun with his toys again, so she brings Cyborg Sam to life. Wyatt finds that having a man dressed up in a space suit follow him all day doesn't help out his lack of popularity."
"After Chett hits Wyatt in the face with a ceramic ashtray, Wyatt wishes that Chett could see what his life would be like without Wyatt around. Lisa, always eager to help, zaps up a world where Wyatt has never been born, but only exist as phantoms. The plan doesn't work out as planned when Wyatt finds out that everyone ends up having a better life without him around. Gary's now the big man on campus and Chett's heading off to college. Even worse, Lisa can't bring herself and Wyatt back from the alternate planet. Their only option is to somehow get Gary and Chett to create a genie of their own."
"No description"
"When Gary makes a wish under his breath to try eyeliner, Lisa overhears, but mistakenly hears that he wishes he could fly a jet liner. So Lisa zaps the boys into a plane, but when neither of them know how to land it, she saves the day. However, Lisa is not allowed to be seen by everyone, so Gary and Wyatt get all of the credit for the landing. The President would also like to throw a ball in their honor and present them with an award. Since the ball is high profile, they leave Lisa at home and head off. Lisa is hurt by the fact that the guys won't even allow her to attend, but she decides to go to the ball anyway. She meets the President and they fall in love. Unfortunately, the President doesn't seem to have enough time in his schedule for Lisa. So it's up to the boys to talk to the President one on one and fix Lisa's broken heart."
"Gary starts dating Jenny Dreeson. Unfortunately, there's always a problem. Jenny's whole family hates Gary. Gary makes a wish that the Dreeson family loved him. The wish doesn't turn out as planned when all the members of the Dreeson family decide that they now want to date Gary. Gary's happy to oblige, and doesn't even realize the fact that dating an entire family isn't the best idea ever. Meanwhile, Chett gets to meet his future self, Robo-Chett."
"Gary, Wyatt, and Lisa all decide to go clubbing after hours and become \"\"creatures of the night.\"\" Lisa turns them all into cool vampires, except the fact that they crave Yoo-Hoo instead of blood. Being vampires gives the guys new powers. They now have the ability to hypnotize people, which they enjoy using on cute women. The night turns out to be not so great when they find themselves with a real group of bloodsucking vampires. Principal Scampi and Chett are determined to stop the vampires and become vampire hunters."
"Wyatt is sick of his parents not paying any attention to him, so he wishes that his family could be closer and have better family values. Lisa's plan backfires and creates an world in which Wyatt has a family with very strong ties to each other- a family similar to that of the \"\"Godfather.\"\" In this world, Wyatt Donnellis and his family are the masters of the Homeowners Association. They fix neighborhood Little League games and take kickbacks from children's lemonade stands. However, trouble is in store when Al Wallace tries to take on the Donnellis family. Gary and Wyatt find themselves against each other in the war."
"Lisa gives the school a technological upgrade to fufill Wyatt's wish. Unfortunately, Gary and Wyatt end up in a bad sci-fi movie plot from the 80's. In this school, zombie teenagers are having their hormones taken away by Future Scampi. Gary and Wyatt are considered outlaws and are hunted down by the team of hall monitors that Scampi has assembled."
"Gary and Wyatt are fighting over the use of Lisa. Lisa gets annoyed by the fighting over her and decides to let the boys battle it out in court. Genie Cyber-Court, that is. The winner of the case wins the genie. Gary and Wyatt choose their own lawyers. Gary choosing B.F. Jackie (similar to Cockran), while Wyatt chooses Abe Lincoln. Both lawyers argue out each of their client's side. However, neither Gary nor Wyatt are found to be suitable to be awarded custody of Lisa, so she will be broken down the Internet will be given custody of her."
"After receiving too many memory-wipes from Lisa, Chett develops a brain callous that no longer allows his memory to be erased. This allows Chett to know about Lisa and the fact that she's a magical genie. Of course Chett wants to do harm instead of good. He immediately tries to lie, bully, and buy his way into getting his very own genie from the guys. Unfortunately, instead of a genie, he gets a nice ride to the insane asylum."
"Wyatt gets the lead role in \"\"Jolly Roger,\"\" the school musical. Wyatt has a crush on his leading lady, Jessica, unfortunately she doesn't return his feelings. Lisa tries to make her feel differently, but magic goes awry, and the musical is brought to reality. Now the entire high school is filled with singing pirates and their prisoner, Principal Scampi. Not to mention the fact that they choose a new King, Chett. Not too long after the pirates are discovered, they break out of school in their ship and go about town singing and dancing."
"Chett swallows a very rare invitation (complete with directions) to an underground rave. So, Lisa miniaturizes herself, Gary, Wyatt, and a space ship. They take a ride inside of Chett in hopes of getting the directions back. Just as in \"\"Fantastic Voyage,\"\" Lisa, Wyatt, and Gary get to see way too much of Chett... The complete inside of him. However, during the trip, Chett's girlfriend Sharon breaks up with him, and Wyatt gets Post Miniaturization Stress-Syndrome, causing him to go mad. Wyatt tries to ruin the plans of the mission, and the ship ends up running out of oxygen. Lisa and Gary need stone cold Chett to cry, or else be trapped inside his body with no air."
"Lisa grants Chett a wish- to be stranded on a deserted island. However, as usual, Lisa's magic goes awry, and Lisa is trapped on the island with him. Not only are they on a desert island, but they are in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle, which hinders Lisa's magical powers from working. Not only do Chett and Lisa not get along, but a hurricane is headed directly for the island. Gary and Wyatt try to rescue the two, but have trouble when facing their nemesis- Adam West."
Season 5 - Weird Science
"Lisa wants someone else to talk to. Someone that understands her better. - So, she decides to look for other magic genies in the world. She meets one in Texas, Gene. Chett gets jealous and searches the teapot in which Gene lives. Chett finds the address of Gene's master and lets his master know where gene is. Later, after Lisa finds out, Chett realizes that he made a mistake. He tries to get Gene back, and Gene is finally free of being trapped in the clutches of his master. However, the second after he's free, he leaves Lisa for another woman."
"Gary and Wyatt try to be girlfriends with Lisa by playing girly games with her, but that's not enough. Lisa wants some real girls to talk to. Lisa decides to become friends with one of the waitresses at the Java Man. However, trouble soon hits as Lisa must constantly lie to cover up the fact she's a magic genie. Lisa feels bad about lying all the time, so she decides to share her secret with the waitress. That doesn't turn out to be a good idea when the entire student body of Farber High finds out, and the world is on the verge of finding out about her."
"Principal Scampi is honored at a Farber High school assembly. Unfortunately, some of the students vandalized his photo beforehand. Principal Scampi doesn't have enough to go on to be able to figure out who committed the crime. Lisa feels sorry for him and says that she will help him find out which students are guilty. Unfortunately, as Lisa and Principal Scampi look for clues, they all lead to Wyatt and Gary, both of whom are innocent."
"Wyatt wants a good sturdy envelope for his application to Paxton University. So, Lisa zaps the envelope and makes in invincible. She tests it herself by blowing it up, setting it on fire, and allowing Chett to play with it. With all of the talk about college, Gary realizes that he hasn't applied anywhere. He begs Lisa and Wyatt to help him, but Lisa won't use any magic to get him into a school. However, after Gary talks about getting into college would mean to him, Lisa gives him a helmet that allows him to win the triathalon at Farber High. However, Gary finds fame after winning, and may not even bothering going to college since he's extremely popular and has many deals to endorse products."
"Wyatt wants to finally meet the perfect girl for him so Lisa creates a magical hat that will turn Wyatt's dream girl into a real, live girl. However, when both Chett and Gary use the hat to create their dream girls, it turns out that only one girl can exist at a time."
"Two of Chett's frineds dump him out in the mountains, miles from anywhere. All of a sudden, Chett starts to be followed- by a dog. Chett starts bonding with the dog after saving his life from a truck. When Chett comes home and Lisa sees how nice Chett is with his dog, she turns him into a real, live man."
"Lisa decides to make Chett a male stripper at Chip 'N' Tails, the local women's club, after Chett continually shows that he thinks women are just sex objects. Chett quickly becomes an extremely popular stipper, er, \"\"dancer\"\"."
"Wyatt and Gary both think about how their fathers never played with them when they were little. After hearing this, Lisa agrees to let the boys go back in time as their dads, so that they can spend a little time with themselves as children. The wish turns out awry when Gary gets put into his mother's body instead of his father's. When Wyatt and Gary as Wyatt's father and Gary's mom, start doing more things together, Wyatt's mom and Gary's dad think that something is going on between them."
"Wyatt keeps going out on dates, but none of the girls are right for him. Lisa zaps up a Bride Detector, that will go off when your future wife is close to you. Wyatt's future wife is sitting right in the Java Man. Chett tries to use the detector to make Lisa think she'll be his future wife. So, he uses an engineering manual, and makes the detector go off when it's near Lisa. Unfortunately for him, Lisa knows all about what he's been up to, and strings him along. Wyatt loses his future wife after being too serious about the whole thing. And after it's all over, it turns out that the Bride Detector never really worked."
"Principal Scampi is given a China pig award from Chett, and also receives the title Educator of the Decade. Lisa creates a fun holodeck for the boys to fight in, similar to Stalag 17."
"When greeted at school by Principal Scampi in a toga, Gary and Wyatt know that something is wrong. They are in trouble for not only being late, but for not being dressed properly. They must go back to Ancient Rome and fix what Chett has done."
"While Gary and Wyatt are at school, Lisa plays a virtual reality game, the Genie Detective. She ends up in the 1930's. Chett joins her, but isn't prepared to play the game. He also doesn't know one important rule- when you die in the virtual reality world, you die in the real world, too. Now it's up to Lisa to save Chett. Wyatt joins the game to help, too."
"Similar to Star Wars, Lisa joins her Genie Master on a comet to learn more about her powers."
"The ghosts of old Farber High faculty members are haunting the school. When the gang finds out that all they want is for the new library not to be built over their teacher's lounge, they cook up a plan to haunt Scampi 'The Shining' style."
"In a Snow White parody, Mrs. Donnelly doesn't feel pretty anymore. Lisa tries to help her out, but instead makes Mrs. Donnelly want to be the fairest of them all."
"Lisa wants to test Chett, and makes herself pregnant. Chett later wishes that the load was on him, and becomes pregnant instead of Lisa."
"When no one at Farber High is getting along, Lisa decides to zap up some aliens to help erase the hate. However, the aliens attack the school instead of helping matters out."