Cedar Cove

Follows the professional and personal life of Municipal Court Judge Olivia Lockhart and the surrounding townsfolk of Cedar Cove.

Genre: Drama

Country: Canada

Duration: 42 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2013

IMDb: 6.9

Season 1 - Cedar Cove
"Judge Olivia Lockhart considers a career move that could cost her a new romance and force her to leave the town and friends she loves in the premiere of this drama series about the life of a small-town judge in and out of the courtroom."
"When developer Warren Saget decides to tear down the town\u2019s iconic lighthouse, Judge Olivia Lockhart finds her hands tied with no legal way to stop him. As tensions heat up, Olivia knows she must find a way to save the landmark before the trouble in town boils over."
"In Cedar Cove, Jack is reunited with his estranged son, while Charlotte tries to find out the secret behind the identity of a stroke patient she is caring for. Meanwhile, Justine is learning how to deal with a long distance relationship, while Olivia tries to repair damage done to her relationship with Charlotte."
"Bob and Peggy Beldon must deal with a suspicious death at their Bed and Breakfast, and Justine gets a chance to show her work at the local Art Walk. Meanwhile, Jack struggles with his relationship with his freeloading son Eric. When Olivia tries to help by giving Eric a job, things go from bad to worse and ends up threatening Olivia\u2019s budding relationship with Jack."
"Olivia presides over a messy divorce, while town librarian, Grace, must scramble to raise funds for the library when the town council decides to shut it down to save money. Meanwhile, Jack continues to struggle with his relationship with his son Eric. Things finally come to a head when Eric refuses to work and Jack must decide whether or not he is strong enough to give his son an ultimatum."
"Justine and Olivia must each face their own fears when Seth goes missing in Alaska and Justine sets out to find him. Meanwhile, love is in the air in Cedar Cove as the local theater company puts on Romeo and Juliet while Jack wants to take his relationship with Olivia to the next level and Maryellen seeks to deepen her friendship with a handsome photographer."
"Olivia and Jack finally have their Seattle getaway, but things don\u2019t quite go as planned and later Olivia becomes distracted trying to help an ex-con she put away who claims to have turned his life around. Elsewhere, Rosie and Zach Cox are trying to follow the judge\u2019s orders about their shared custody, but their continuing battles begin taking their toll on their daughter."
"Everyone in Cedar Cove gets involved in the town\u2019s charity bachelor action as Justine and Olivia scheme to help Grace and Maryellen land the bachelor of their dreams. Meanwhile, Stan asks Olivia to accompany him to see his therapist as they finally deal with past hurts involving their lost son."
"Grace finds herself drawn to two different men as Jack worries about Olivia getting closer to her ex-husband. Meanwhile, Seth and Justine take their relationship to the next level, while Maryellen and John grow closer but his secretive behavior makes Maryellen worry that he may be hiding something."
"As Olivia deals with the news that Jack may get a job offer that will take him away from Cedar Cove, Grace struggles with what to tell Olivia about the kiss she shared with Will. Meanwhile, Justine helps Warren though a health crisis which causes tensions between her and Seth and Stan\u2019s wife becomes concerned that Stan is growing away from her and closer to Olivia."
"As Jack contemplates taking his dream job far away from Cedar Cove, Stan separates from his wife and returns to town hoping to win Olivia back. Meanwhile, Maryellen does some sleuthing to find out what is in John\u2019s past and Grace finally decides to come clean to Olivia about the kiss she shared with Will."
"As the holidays approach, Olivia is dead set on going to Philly to win Jack back, only to find out he is back in town unannounced to tie up loose ends. Seth returns to Cedar Cove with good news of a new business venture, but it\u2019s complicated by Warren\u2019s involvement. Meanwhile, a beautiful, pregnant stranger comes to town, and her true identity is a surprise to all, especially Jack."
"Christmastime is here, and Cedar Cove is a flurry of activity. Justine is shocked to learn Warren is under investigation by the FBI. She and Seth fear all is lost when it looks like their new restaurant is the target of arson. Eric finally turns up in town, and Jack is eager to help his son become a responsible father. While Grace does her best to make up for past mistakes with Cliff, Maryellen finally tracks down the ever elusive John Bowman."
Season 2 - Cedar Cove
"In Part 1 of the two-part second-season opener, Olivia deals with difficult memories as she tries to comfort Jack and Eric at the hospital. Elsewhere, Justine and Seth disagree with Warren in the wake of the restaurant fire."
"In the conclusion of this second-season opener, an impending adoption causes turmoil, so Jack and Olivia get involved in the situation. Meanwhile, Maryellen sets out to clear John of any wrongdoing, but she gets tangled in a criminal's plot."
"Jack wants his romance with Olivia to progress, but Olivia feels he's pressuring her. Elsewhere, Grace struggles to take the final steps necessary to put her marriage behind her."
"Olivia wants Grace to confront her ex-husband regarding their ugly divorce. Meanwhile, Justine meets a distraught war veteran who's hiding something and tries to help him."
"Olivia tries to help Grace face her ex-husband in court. Elsewhere, Justine feels overwhelmed as she assists her new friend with starting over."
"Jack isn't happy about Eric's new employment. Elsewhere, Olivia grows concerned about Justine, who resolves to stand by Luke despite his recent violent behavior."
"A challenging new ADA appears in Olivia's courtroom. Meanwhile, a woman from Jack's past arrives and insists she has insight into Jack's addiction."
"Olivia's brother returns to Cedar Cove with a surprise announcement; Jack considers coming clean to Olivia about his past."
"Olivia discovers the new A.D.A. has a deceitful secret; Jack receives a surprising new job offer, but it comes with a catch."
"Despite Rebecca's bad attitude, Olivia takes a chance on her; Jack doubts himself in the newsroom, leading to damaging consequences."
"Jack hides his relapse from Olivia just as she puts full faith in their relationship; Eric becomes involved in Warren's dishonest deals."
"Olivia finally gets to the bottom of Jack's distant behavior; Justine deals with the fallout from Seth's return."
Season 3 - Cedar Cove
"Olivia continues to feel uneasy after learning about Jack's secrets. Meanwhile, a charismatic new district attorney and some unwanted visitors arrive in town, and a proposal is made."
"Jack pressures Olivia to move in together, but she's hesitant to take this step because she's unsure if she can trust him. Meanwhile, Maryellen comes back to town with a big announcement."
"Jack gives Olivia space in the wake of their quarrel. Meanwhile, Justine partners with a rival and a picture proves to be very revealing."
"Olivia clashes with Will over a real-estate issue. Meanwhile, Grace is pressured to make a decision regarding her engagement and Olivia and Jack realize that newly formed friendships may jeopardize old relationships."
"Paul tries to play peacemaker between Olivia and Will, who have escalated their family feud and are prepared to battle one another in court."
"A charity baseball game takes place and tensions increase between Jack and Paul as Paul's sister asks about her brother's relationship with Olivia."
"Paul cautions Olivia to be leery of Liz and her true motives. Meanwhile, Jack puts his job on the line for Jeri."
"Will overstays his welcome at Olivia's home. Meanwhile, Jeri is angry that Jack was offered her job, Paul attempts to go on his first post-divorce date, Rebecca grows exhausted as she tries to prove herself to Paul, and Luke has something to share with Justine."
"Olivia gives Paul advice on romance, but her relationship with Jack is plagued by uncertainty."
"Jack's past becomes an issue for Olivia. Meanwhile, Jack focuses intensely on work; and Paul makes a surprising announcement prior to Grace's wedding."
"Grace and Cliff welcome a big turnout for their wedding. Meanwhile, Paul's unexpected confession requires an important answer from Olivia."
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